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Tweenevent example
Tweenevent example

Tweenevent example

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tweenevent example

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Jump to Examples - Examples How to use this example. Let's start with the most basic example. The value of the property controlled by the Tween, when the event occurred. target.alpha = 1; Tween.get(target) .wait(500) .to({alpha:0, visible:false}, 1000)Examples: The Tween class is used to create smooth animations using ActionScript by shown in the example below is controlled by an instance of the Tween class. Tween tricks in AS3, Tweening text in Actionscript 3, Tweening text in AS3 and easeOut function shown below, for the "spiral text" example, we replace this Apr 10, 2013 - I set up two buttons "btnLeft" and "btnRight"with a tween so that the mcBall An example from your above code would look like this: Instead of Tween Programming. EasingType - The easing type will determine how the tween animation will flow. Instance Example. This example animates a rectangle using the value provided by entering a The TweenEvent class represents events that are broadcast by the fl.transitions. If you are in a real hurry, and just want to tween a single property using HOTween's default parameters, you can simply Oct 9, 2009 - We won't be discussing how to tween using the timeline, we'll use it just as effectively to tween (for example) the volume of a sound channel. It's fun emulating the old school animation, but the previous example is nothing but an electronic version flipping the corners of a book with A Tween instance tweens properties for a single target. We are going to explain this more in the next section of the tutorial.
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